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Special Corporate Structures

Pre-planning corporate structure

If you have more than one business or your business risks your personal assets, you will benefit from seeking legal counsel to set up a solid business structure. INC Business Lawyers offers our knowledge and expertise to create better business structures for many situations. Proper planning now will help prevent costly problems in the future.


Personal Needs

Sometimes your personal needs or business needs will call for more than one corporation or a structure that involves non-corporate business entities such as partnerships or trusts. You may need to create a business or corporate structure that provides a higher level of limited liability than is achievable with only one corporation.


There may be issues with your business partner

You may wish to create a structure to provide specifically for your children, perhaps in case of a separation or divorce. Or you may be involved in a business which risks your personal assets and you may want to plan to preserve your family's wealth. We addresses some of the considerations involved in meeting these different needs.


Check out some of our options for special corporate structuring:

Multi-Company Structures

Partnership Structures

Structures Using Trusts


Always remember that as you increase the complexity of your business, there will be additional, unavoidable costs: legal fees, accounting fees, compliance costs, paperwork, and so on. It's up to you to weigh these costs of complexity against the hoped-for benefits. INC Business Lawyers are familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of these different special structures. In conjunction with your income tax adviser (where tax advice is called for), and with agents as needed, we can help you create a business structure that suits your exact needs.

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