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SSL is Here

It was a full week here on the website front.

Observant users will have noticed, from Wednesday or so, that we now have a secure, encrypted "https" connection, with the little lock icon, in most browsers. You can click on the lock and the browser will display the certificate information, among other things.

This change comes from buying and installing an SSL certificate. (Strictly speaking these days, "transport layer security" (TLS) over HTTP.) These certificates come in different levels and costs. Our web hosting company had the best price on the class of certificate we went with. Shop around. There are re-sellers. Trustico looked pretty good, as well, and you pay in Canadian dollars, but our web hosting company beat them by a bit. And was even better than StartSSL, a US firm that provides free SSL certificates for personal use.

For more, read this post from Google Webmaster Central Blog from August 2014 (opens in new window).



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