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Mobile-Friendly Passed Page Test

Google has a mobile-friendly page test and a slightly different PageSpeed Insights test. We're pleased to report that, with a surprisingly small number of adjustments, the website now passes the mobile-friendly test and scores a 97 in mobile user experience from PageSpeed Insights.

The basic changes were to switch to a full-on fluid theme and to set things to lose both sidebars on a smaller screen. We had to change our logo from its animated version to a static version (only a small loss; SWF is yesterday's news in the world of web standards. So we are told.)

There are tweaks to make. Rome wasn't built in a day. Google tells us we need to improve the spacing of the menu items. And hiding the sidebars means the "search" box won't appear either. It's possible, on another iteration, to change the presentation of the sidebars so that they appear underneath the main content. We'll think about that.

And we are still considering adopting a new, fully responsive-design theme. Now back to practising law.


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