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You are here and – website changes pending


We’ve been busy the last few months re-writing our main website, at We’re getting ready to move it into production, which means changing the hosting company we use. In the computer world, that also means updating the DNS settings for that website and for this website. (DNS settings allow humans to find websites on the internet.)

We’ll be making most of the changes starting late Friday afternoon, but some of the changes will start today. And the required changes may mean that one or both of the websites becomes unavailable for a period of time. Changes to fundamental DNS settings can take as long as 24 to 48 hours to propagate throughout the internet, we’re told, though sometimes less time is needed.

One of the changes being made today is to the settings for this trademarks website. Meaning that it may become unavailable earlier than Friday afternoon.

Not to worry. We’re still open for business, if you call us, and our e-mail settings have already been updated, so e-mails will get through to us as well. Though please note that the changes to our DNS settings may cause delays in our receiving or sending e-mails.

Thanks for your patience.



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