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Will Your Canadian Corporation Be Well Structured?

Looking to incorporate your business in the best way for you? A well designed business structure saves you tax and saves you money. INC Business Lawyers make it easy. We are business start-up lawyers who can help you.

Most of our business is done by e-mail, fax and phone. But if you are able to come to our office, we would enjoy meeting with you.

Canadian Corporations $699

We want you to benefit from a well structured corporation at a great price. We focus on business start-ups and corporate structuring, to help you save tax and to protect your personal and corporate assets. All of our Canadian standard incorporations cost $699 all inclusive and include a choice of structure that best suits you. Take advantage of our over 20 years experience in structuring thousands of corporations.

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Not sure if you should trademark your brand name?

Trademarks should be used to protect your brand names and your domain names. We offer both incorporation and trade-mark services because we strongly believe that with the internet the two must be considered together. A thorough trademark search and a well written trademark application offers better protection. If you fail to obtain a trademark you risk losing your brand or your domain name and you risk being sued for trademark infringement.

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Corporate Structuring Solutions

Here are some examples of how you may benefit from our extensive experience in corporate structuring:

  • Consider a Family Tax Structure to allow you to split your income with your spouse and adult children to save tax.
  • Consider holding your shares in a Holding Corporation so you may accumulate assets at the lower corporate tax rate without exposing those assets to business risks.
  • Consider using a Family Trust to hold your shares in your corporation to allow you to benefit your children without losing control.
  • Consider holding your own shares in a Personal Trust to allow you both to control your business assets and to protect them from future creditors. By controlling your business assets you create the opportunity to resolve unforeseen future financial problems.

We are happy to work with your accountant or financial advisor in setting up your corporate and tax structures. We offer special pricing when we work with accountants and financial advisors since they make our job easier by helping to explain the structures and how to use them. Feel free to ask your accountant or financial advisor to give us a call.


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Attorneys you can Trust

If you wish to confirm that we are licensed to practice law in British Columbia you may do so at The Law Society of British Columbia. Here are the lawyer look up links for: Stuart A. Moir and Donald L. Moir.

Always remember that your corporation is a separate legal entity from anyone else - even yourself.